Scruber with Cable

Brand: Chaobao (China)
Name: Scruber with CableĀ [0500100592]
Packing Size: 1050x610x1202mm
Net weight: 76kg
Gross weight: 102kg
Voltage/ Frequency: 220VAC/ 50Hz
Water Sucker: 760mm
Brush Dia: 18″ (457 mm)
Power of floor motor: 1200W
Brush Pressures: 25 kg
Brush Pressures: 25 kg
Water Sucker motor: 400W
Brush rotation speed: 155 rpm
Power line length: 18m
Clean width: 457 mm
Max. working efficiency: 1600 sq m/hr
Clean Water Tank Capacity: 33L/ 30L
Dirty Water Tank Capacity: 33L/ 30L